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{{As of|2015|01|01}}, theThe iNaturalist community consisted of more than 70, 000 uživatelů, kteří příspěli více jak 1, 100, 000 pozorováními<ref name='inatobs'>{{cite web|title=Observations|url=|date=7 November 2014|accessdate=7 November 2014}}</ref> of plants, animals, and other organisms worldwide. Users have created and contributed to over 2000 different projects,<ref name='inatproj'>{{cite web|title=Projects|url=|date=7 August 2013|accessdate=7 August 2013}}</ref> spanning hundreds of themes. A few project examples include [[taxa]]- and location-specific [[bioblitz]]es, [[roadkill]] observations, [[animal tracks]], and documenting the spread of [[invasive species]]. In 2011 iNaturalist was used as a platform to power concurrent Global Amphibian and Global Reptile BioBlitzes, in which observations were used to help monitor the occurrence and distribution of the world's reptiles and amphibian species.<ref name="Holtz 2011">{{cite news|last=Holtz|first=Debra Levi|title=Reptile, amphibian BioBlitzes tap social media|newspaper=San Francisco Chronicle|date=October 10, 2011|url=}}</ref>
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