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Let me first apologize. Never learning Czech, I only understand some 30% of it, so I will write in English. However, I do understand a little physics, and I believe that this page (»Měrné skupenské teplo varu«) is incorrectly linked to en:Boiling point and numerous other languages, while the correct Czech term for boiling point is teplota varu. This topic, however, should probably be linked to en:heat of vaporization. It would be helpful, though, if a native Czech speaker with some knowledge of physics would think it over and perform the changes, if (s)he finds it appropriate. --Peterlin 08:19, 16. Čer 2004 (UTC)

Yes, you are right, although en:Heat of vaporization is not exactly the same (this article is about specific heat of vaporization, measured in J/kg, while the en version is about heat of vaporization measured in J/mol), but it is definitely much better than en:Boiling point. I have corrected it, thanks for pointing it out. --Mormegil 09:16, 16. Čer 2004 (UTC)
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