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Masaryk University, founded in 1919 and based in Brno, Czech Republic, is dedicated to long-term endorsement of the free encyclopedia Wikipedia. This goal is achieved mainly by facilitating the search, gathering, contribution and completion of information and photographs related to Masaryk University, its faculties, research institutes and departments, buildings, history, notable staff and alumni, executed projects and activities, and the sciences and schools of thought that are nurtured at the university. The partnership is managed by Masaryk University's Wikipedian in Residence, who coordinates a team of Wikipedians and is in charge of continuously assisting the university's faculty, students and alumni to master new approaches in the processing of information and to get actively engaged in the development of Wikipedia and related projects. In November 2015, as a formal expression of its commitment, Masaryk University signed a memorandum on cooperation with Wikimedia Czech Republic, an association which represents Wikipedia in the country. This partnership aims at building an educated, cultured and knowledgeable Czech society, as well as providing support for the democratic values linked to Czech statehood, for open resources and open sharing of information, knowledge and know-how by means of free licenses, and for spreading the good name of the Czech Republic in the world. By establishing this cooperation, Masaryk University has become the first Czech and the only European wikiuniversity.

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