Western swing

subžánr americké country hudby

Western swing je subžánr populární hudby, který se vyvinul v malých amerických městech na přelomu dvacátých a třicátých let. Žánr slučuje country, big band, swing, neworleanský jazz, blues a folk[1]

Western swing se později[kdy?] absorboval do rockabilly a rock and rollu.

Mezi některé western swingové umělce patří Bob Wills & Texas Playboys, Milton Brown & Musical Brothers, Light Crust Doughboys, Tex Williams, Bill Boyd, The Tune Wranglers, Jimmie Revard & Oklahoma Playboys.[zdroj?]


  1. Price, "Jazz Guitar and Western Swing", p. 82: "The assimilation was so thorough that western swing, at the hands of an accomplished bandleader like Bob Wills, Milton Brown or Spade Cooley, cannot be seen as ersatz anything. It was from the start—or at least from its earliest documentation on record—its own music, something more than its parts, allowing a freedom of expression offered neither by traditional country music (which would have no part in improvisation or between-the-beats rhythm) nor by the structured jazz community (in which no southwestern bumpkin would be likely to feel welcome)."