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Organise a prehackaton!Editovat

  • Did you hear, that Prague is hosting a Wikimedia Hackathon in 2019? Thats cool, isn't it? But prehacketons are even cooler! We did it in 2017 and boost the Commons app team. And now its your turn!


  • in 2017 there was Vienna hackathon
  • in Prague we organized prehackathon focused on Commons mobile app
  • event boosts the community, hackers know each other and can easily cooperate
  • the community around app grows and get new grants
  • in 2019 there will be hackathon in Prague


  • chose a field/project and try to organize pre-hackathon this year
  • present your project in Prague and get more people involved
  • non-tech people can care about the marketing of the project etc.
  • possibility to get support from local IT community
  • take this opportunity to grow some active project or project that you have on your mind for long time