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== Překladač ==
Hi, I contributed various articles in the Norwegian Bokmål Wikipedia (no). I've written about an artist from the Czech Republic, she's in the Norwegian, Swedish and English Wikipedia. It would have been nice if she got an article also in the Czech Wikipedia. It would be nice if it was there on Saturday, January 26 - her birthday. (smile) The easiest way is to take (copy) the English text - use google translate - and make it to the Czech language. But there may soon be many small mistakes and sentence structure errors. It often mess it up, if you use google translate on the list (bibliography, etc.), it is often best to take them manually. Thank you in advance if you wealth willing to help me with this. Maybe you know someone who you can forward this question to, if you do not want to do this? I have ask wikipedistou Marv1N. [[image:Ultraviolet Barnstar.png|thumb|barnstar ve skle]]
* [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alena_Matejka the english Wikipedia article]
* [http://translate.google.cz/ Google Překladač]
:Hi. I translate it from English. Tomorrow. Do you agree? --[[Wikipedista:Lenka64|Lenka64]] ([[Diskuse s wikipedistou:Lenka64|diskuse]]) 22. 1. 2013, 18:18 (UTC)
::It's your choise - I am agree - and once - thank you in advance. --[[Wikipedista:Halvard|Halvard]] ([[Diskuse s wikipedistou:Halvard|diskuse]]) 22. 1. 2013, 22:45 (UTC)
:::Děkujeme vám za vaši vynikající práci. You get a star in glass ... should probably have been made of glass and stone .... thank you again. --[[Wikipedista:Halvard|Halvard]] ([[Diskuse s wikipedistou:Halvard|diskuse]]) 25. 1. 2013, 01:07 (UTC)