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'The recurrent emphatic appeal by Big Noise, as well as of many other El Sistema-like initiatives, to its capacity to instill communities with resilience, discipline, the will to succeed, among other contemporary ‘survival’ skills, is an echo of the new pace in life set by the growing demands of productivity and consumption of ‘global’ capitalism. Evoking aspirations that passively respond to such demands and reaffirm the current rationality does not seem to be the answer for defeating the deprived conditions seen in communities assisted by El Sistema.' [Borchert 2012, pp. 37 & 38]
[[ca:Fundació de l'Estat per al Sistema Nacional de les Orquestres Juvenils i Infantils de Veneçuela]]
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[[es:Fundación del Estado para el Sistema Nacional de las Orquestas Juveniles e Infantiles de Venezuela]]
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