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[[Soubor:Patriarch_Kirill_of_Moscow_.jpg‎|thumb|Patriarcha Kirill]]
'''Kirill''' ({{vjazyce2|ru|''Кирилл''}}, rodným jménem '''Vladimir Michajlovič Gunďajev''' - {{Cizojazyčně|ru|''Владимир Михайлович Гундяев''}}; [[20. listopad]]u [[1946]] [[Petrohrad|Leningrad]]) je [[Rusko|ruský]] [[pravoslaví|pravoslavný]] [[duchovní]], od roku [[2009]] 16. [[Patriarcha moskevský a celé Rusi|patriarcha moskevský a celé Rusi]], hlava [[Ruská pravoslavná církev|Ruské pravoslavné církve]].
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'''Pussy Riot'''
Three female members of an anarchist artistic group called Pussy Riot were arrested in March 2012 for performing a brief song in the Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow during which they called on the Virgin Mary to "chase Putin out".[37] The women were arrested for hooliganism[37] and were later sentenced to two years.[38] Commenting on the case, Kirill said they were "doing the work of Satan" and should be punished.[37] This sparked criticism of the Orthodox Church on the Runet for not showing mercy, while Amnesty International described the women as "prisoners of conscience".[37] In their closing statements, members of Pussy Riot claimed that Patriarch Kirill had used the church to support the cultural position of Putin's government.[39]
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