Heroin: Porovnání verzí

Odebráno 10 bajtů ,  před 9 lety
* "Dead Flowers", „Brown Sugar“, „Gimme Shelter“, „Sister Morphine“, „Monkey Man“, „Coming Down Again“ and „Before They Make Me Run“, [[The Rolling Stones]]
* "Dead Men Tell No Tales", [[Motörhead]]
* "Dumb", „Verse Chorus Verse“, [[Nirvana]]
* "Gimme Heroin", [[Morning Glory]]
* "Golden Brown", [[The Stranglers]]
* "She's Like Heroin", [[System of a Down]]
* "Moose the Mooche", „Groovin' High“, [[Charlie Parker]]
* "Verse Chorus Verse", [[Nirvana]]
* "Wake Up", [[Mad Season]]
* "The Last Kiss" [[A Fire Inside]]
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