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:Ahoj, bral jste to přes google translator, že? :) Opravil jsem jej a přidal všechny náležitosti. Díky za něj :) --[[Wikipedista:Faigl.ladislav|Faigl.ladislav]] 2. 9. 2011, 17:47 (UTC)
:: Jistě, v originálním jazyce nepřečtu ani "Peter". Děkuji! --[[Wikipedista:Svajcr|Svajcr]] 2. 9. 2011, 18:52 (UTC)
== [[commons:Category:Images taken by Israel Defense Force|Images taken by Israel Defense Force]] ==
Faigel שלום,
recently the IDF has re-licensed his entire flickr photostream into CC-BY-2.0. In order to take advantage of this fact, in future IDF photo releases and other organizations we need to show which photo were embedded into articles in foreign languages. we would appreciate if you can join our effort of adding those photos to articles and update on my Hebrew talk page with those you did. [[Wikipedista:Hidro|Hidro]] 21. 9. 2011, 08:57 (UTC)