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{{Infobox asulaFilm
| Name = Big
| název=Jõgeva
| Image = Great poster.jpg
| typ=město
| Caption = Promotional poster
| vlajka=Jogeva_flag.png
| Director = [[Penny Marshall]]
| znak=Jogeva_coatofarms.png
| Producer = [[James L. Brooks]] <br /> [[Robert Greenhut]]
| kraj=Jõgeva
| Author = [[Gary Ross]] <br /> [[Anne Spielberg]]
| starosta=Viktor Svjatõšev
| In the starring = [[Tom Hanks]] <br /> [[Elizabeth Perkins]] <br /> [[Robert Loggia]] <br /> [[John Heard (actor) | John Heard]]
| rozloha=3.86
| Music = [[Howard Shore]]
| obyvatel=6384
| Cinematography = [[Barry Sonnenfeld]]
| obyvatel_roku=2004
| Editing = [[Barry Malkin]]
| lat_deg = 58
| Studio = [[Gracie Films]]
| lat_min = 44
| Distributor = [[20th Century Fox]]
| lat_sec = 46
| Released = {{film date | 1988 | 6 | 3}}
| lon_deg = 26
| Completed = 104 minutes
| lon_min = 23
| Country = {{Film USA}}
| lon_sec = 44
| Language = English
| Budget = $ 18 million
| Gross = $ 151668774 <ref> {{Cite web | title = Big (1988) | URL = http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=big.htm | publisher = [[Box Office Mojo]] | accessdate = September 1, 2009}} </ ref>
'''''''''' Is a 1988 Great American [[romantic comedy]] Director [[Penny Marshall]] and stars [[Tom Hanks]], as Josh Baskin, a young boy who makes a wish to "be great" for magic [[divination]] machines, and then aged to adulthood overnight. The film also stars [[Elizabeth Perkins]] and [[Robert Loggia]] and was written by [[Gary Ross]], with Justin Schindler, and [[Anne Spielberg]]. The story was heavily inspired by, though not an actual remake, the 1987 Italian film''Da Grande''.{{ fact | date = April 2010}}
'''Jõgeva''' ([[němčina|německy]] ''Laisholm'') je [[Estonsko|estonské]] statutární město v kraji [[Jõgevamaa]] a zároveň správní centrum tohoto kraje. Jõgeva obdržela městská práva 1. května [[1938]].
Bolshoy''yavlyaetsya''one of four age-related changes comedies that were released in late 1980. He surpassed the success of''[[Like Father Like Son (1987 film) | Like Father Like Son ]]''( 1987), starring [[Kirk Cameron]] and [[Dudley Moore ]],''[[ back ( 1988 Film) | reverse ]]''( 1988), starring [[Judge Reinhold]] and [[Fred Savage]] and''[[18 !]]'' Again (1988) starring [[George Burns]].
17. ledna [[1940]] zde byla naměřena nejnižší teplota v Estonsku – – 43,5&nbsp;°C.
== Partnerská městaPlot ==
After humiliated and told that he was too short for Carnival Ride, trying to impress a teenage girl, a 13-year-old Josh Baskin ([[David Moscow]]) from [[Cliffside Park, New Jersey]] is for good luck - talking machine called Zoltar Speaks, and wants it to be "big." The next morning, he was shocked to discover that he was converted to 30-year-old man ([[Tom Hanks]]). Fleeing from his mother, who thinks he's a strange man who kidnapped her son, Josh, rents a cheap hotel room in the [[New York]] with his best friend, Billy Kopeke ([[Jared Rushton]]), and receives data entry job at MacMillan Toy Company.
* [[Keuruu]] ([[Finsko]]), od 9. května 1991
* [[Karlstad]] ([[Švédsko]]) od 9. května 1992
* [[Kaarina]] (Finsko), od 21. ledna 2005
Incidentally, Josh meets the company's owner, Mr. McMillan ([[Robert Loggia]]), inspect the products on the [[FAO Schwartz]], and impresses him with Happy-Go-lucky child's enthusiasm. They end up playing duets together on the foot keyboard, electronic, with the song "[[Heart and Soul (song) | The Heart and Soul]]" and "[[Chopsticks (music) | Sticks]]." That makes Josh promotion dream job: testing toys all day long and get paid for it. Soon he attracted the attention of a handsome, ambitious 27-year-old Susan Lawrence ([[Elizabeth Perkins]]), a member of the executive toy. The novel begins to develop, to the chagrin of competitive friend, Susan, Paul Davenport ([[John Heard (actor) | John Heard]]). Josh is becoming increasingly entwined in his "adult" life, spending more time with Susan, and his ideas is a valuable asset for MacMillan Toys, Billy starts to feel annoyed and ignore the feeling that Josh has forgotten who he really is.
== Externí odkazy ==
Susan asked Josh to come up with proposals for a new line of toys. Josh scares the need to develop the business aspects of the proposal, and Susan insists that she will handle the business end, that Josh having to rely only on their proximity to toys, to come up with a good idea. Nevertheless, Josh soon begins to feel too much pressure from this new life. When he expresses doubts Susan and tries to explain that he was actually a child, she interprets this as a fear of commitment on his part, and dismisses his explanation of what to do.
* [http://www.jogevalv.ee/ Oficiální stránky města] (estonsky, anglicky, rusky)
The desire to return to the life of a child, Josh eventually learns from Billy that the machine Zoltar Speaks at Sea Point Park. In the middle of the presentation of their proposal to Macmillan and other leaders, Josh leaves. After Susan realizes that something is wrong, it goes as well as meeting Billy, who tells her where to go Josh. In the park, Josh finds a car and make wishes. He then collided with Susan, who, seeing the cars and the happiness he gave to Josh, Josh understands and speaks the truth becomes dull in pursuit of their relationship is over. Josh says Susan was one thing on his adult life he wants to have no end, and invites her to use the machine itself with him in his childhood. She refused, pointing out that as a child once was enough, and take Josh home. After an exchange of emotional goodbye, Josh returns to his child form. He met with his mother and later with Billy.
{{Pahýl - Estonsko}}
== Cast ==
* [Hanks [Tom]] as Josh Baskin
* [[Elizabeth Perkins]] as Susan Lawrence
* [[Robert Loggia]] as the McMillan
* [[John Heard (actor) | John Heard]], like Paul Davenport
* [[Jared] Rushton] Billy Kopeke
* [[David] Moscow], like young Josh
* [[Jon Lovitz]], as Scotty Brennen
* [[Mercedes Ruehl]] as Mrs. Baskin
* [[Josh Clark]], as Mr. Baskin
* Kimberly M. Davis as Cynthia Benson
* Oliver Block as Freddy Benson
* [[Debra Jo Rupp]] as the secretary Miss Josh Patterson
== == Reception
Bolshoy''bylo''received almost unanimous critical acclaim. . Based on 53 reviews collected by a movie review aggregation site [[Rotten Tomatoes]], 96% of critics gave the film positive assessment <ref> {{Cite web | title = Big (1988) | url = http:// www.rottentomatoes.com / m / big / | publisher = [[Rotten Tomatoes]] | accessdate = 16 January 2011}} </ ref >''[[ New York Times]]''praised performances in Moscow and Rushton, speaking movie features believable manners of young adolescents between the ages of two real boys in its cast, and it just makes the ridiculous, Mr. Hanks in a flawless impression that much more adorable. " <ref> {{Cite web | first = Janet | last = Maslin | authorlink = Janet Maslin | title = Review / Film; Tom Hanks as a 13-year-old man, a "big" | url = http://movies.nytimes .com / movie / review? res = 940DE4D91E3DF930A35755C0A96E948260 | work = [[New York Times]] | date = June 3, 1988 | accessdate = September 1, 2009}} </ ref>
Bolshoy''byl''nominated for a [[Oscar]] S for [[Academy Award for Best Actor | Best Actor in a leading role]] (Tom Hanks) and [[Academy Award for Writing Original Screenplay | Best Original Screenplay, Original Screenplay]].
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[[Kategorie:Estonská statutární města]]
Film number 23 on the [[Bravo (U.S. TV channel) | Bravo]]''100''Samye funny movies. In 2000 godu''Bolshoy''zanyal forty-second on S [[American Film Institute]] "[[AFI's 100 Years ... 100 Laughs | 100 years ... 100 Laughs]]". List <ref> {{Cite site | title = AFI's 100 Years ... 100 laughs | URL = http://connect.afi.com/site/DocServer/laughs100.pdf?docID=252 | archiveurl = http://www.webcitation.org/5jSAXyBRR | publisher = [[American Film Institute]] | year = 2000 | archivedate = September 1, 2009 | accessdate = September 1, 2009}} </ ref> In June 2008, AFI imenem''Bolshoy''as [[AFI's Top 10. 10 | the ten best film]] in the fantasy genre <ref> {{Cite web | title = 10 Top 10: Top 10 Fantasy | URL = http://www.afi.com/10top10/fantasy.html | archiveurl = http: / / www.webcitation.org/5jSA6VG9J | publisher = [[American Film Institute]] | year = 2008 | archivedate = September 1, 2009 | accessdate = September 1, 2009}} </ ref> In 2008, "Bolshoy''byl selected''[[Empire Magazine ]]'', as one of "500 greatest films of all time." <ref> <http://www.empireonline.com/500/60.asp / ref>
[[be:Горад Йыгева]]
[[Image :2004-12-12 - New York (9) JPG | thumb | right | 248px | [[Grand Piano | Walks piano]], as stated v''Bolshoy''.]].
== == Broadway musical
In 1996 godu''Bolshoy''bylo done in a musical for [[Broadway theater | Broadway]] stage. It showed the music [[David Shire]], words [[Richard Maltby, Jr.]] and of [[John Weidman]]. Directed by [[Mike Ockrent]], and choreography by [[Susan Stroman]], it opened on April 28, 1996.
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