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==Second Civil War==
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In 1983 the civil war was reignited following the government's Islamicization policy which would have instituted [[Sharia|Islamic law]], among other things. After several years of fighting, the government compromised with southern groups.
[[Image:Darfur map.png|thumb|right|Map of Darfur]]
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In early 2003, a new rebellion in the western region of [[Darfur]] began. The rebels accuse the central government of neglecting the Darfur region, although there is uncertainty regarding the objectives of the rebels and whether they merely seek an improved position for Darfur within Sudan or outright secession. Both the government and the rebels have been accused of atrocities in this war, although most of the blame has fallen on Arab militias ([[Janjaweed]]) allied with the government. The rebels have alleged that these militias have been engaging in [[ethnic cleansing]] in Darfur, and the fighting has displaced hundreds of thousands of people, many of them seeking refuge in neighboring Chad. The government claimed victory over the rebels after capturing [[Tine (Sudan)|Tine]], a town on the border with Chad, in early 2004, but violence continues and as of 2005 the humanitarian situation remains very poor.
==Chadian-Sudanese conflict==
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The [[Chadian-Sudanese conflict]] officially started on [[December 23]], 2005, when the [[government of Chad]] declared a [[state of war]] with [[Sudan]] and called for the citizens of [[Chad]] to mobilize themselves against the [ "common enemy,"] which the Chadian government sees as the [[Rally for Democracy and Liberty]] (RDL) militants, Chadian rebels, backed by the [[Sudanese]] government, and Sudanese militiamen. Militants have attacked villages and towns in eastern Chad, stealing cattle, murdering citizens, and burning houses. Over 200,000 refugees from the [[Darfur]] region of northwestern Sudan currently claim asylum in eastern Chad. Chadian president [[Idriss Déby]] accuses Sudanese President [[Omar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir]] of trying to "destabilize our country, to drive our people into misery, to create disorder and export the war from Darfur to Chad."
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