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//A helper function to add a button to one of the toolbars in the interface.
function addLink(where, url, name, id, title, key, after){
//* where is the id of the toolbar where the button should be added;
// i.e. one of "p-cactions", "p-personal", "p-navigation", or "p-tb".
//* url is the URL which will be called when the button is clicked.
// javascript: urls can be used to do more complex things.
//* name is what will appear as the name of the button.
//* id is the id of the button; it's best to define one.
// Use a prefix to make sure its unique. Optional.
//* title is the tooltip title that gives a longer description
// of the button; if you define a accesskey, mention it here. Optional.
//* key is the char you want for the accesskey. Optional.
//* after is the id of the button you want to follow this one. Optional.
var na = document.createElement('a');
na.href = url;
var li = document.createElement('li');
if(id) = id;
var tabs = document.getElementById(where).getElementsByTagName('ul')[0];
if(after) {
} else {
if(id) {
if(key && title) { ta[id] = [key, title]; }
else if(key) { ta[id] = [key, '']; }
else if(title) { ta[id] = ['', title];}
// re-render the title and accesskeys from existing code in wikibits.js
return li;
addOnloadHook( function (){
addLink('p-navigation', '', 'Random image');