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non-authoritative directory-type links of little value
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(non-authoritative directory-type links of little value)
Can you please tell me why did you revert my changes? At least i must know the reason what i did wrong. Thank you [[Wikipedista:MaZec|MaZec]] ([[Diskuse s wikipedistou:MaZec|diskuse]]) 23. 9. 2020, 13:13 (CEST)
:[[user:MaZec|MaZec]] what quality and authoritative information is at that site? This is an encyclopaedia for quality links that enhance the article and brings greater understanding and knowledge. The site that you linked multiple times has no clear authority nor value, they are just directory type links. What makes that site reliable, or those links any better or worse than others, or someone running a search at Google. [[Wikipedista:Billinghurst|Billinghurst]] ([[Diskuse s wikipedistou:Billinghurst|diskuse]]) 23. 9. 2020, 13:22 (CEST)