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Kolínský arcibiskup [[Engelbert II. z Bergu]] započal tažení za účelem donutit vestfálskou šlechtu poddat se a to extract from them the stewardship of the various scattered church lands. Engelbert managed to connect the lands of the Duchy by annexing the territory from [[Hellweg]] to [[Diemel]], and secured the south of the [[Sauerland]] at [[Attendorn]] in 1222. Further controversy of its expansion eventually leads to Engelbert's death at the hands of [[Frederick I of Isenberg]] in 1225. In 1260 by an agreement with the Dukes of [[Brunswick-Lüneburg|Brunswick]] the [[Weser River]] became the official border of their spheres of influence. In 1277 the Archbishops managed to defeat a large confederation of Westphalian and Lower Rhenish opponents, but further action in 1288 forced the Archbishops to abandon intentions on much of the greater territory of Westphalia. The annexation of [[Werl-Arnsberg]] in 1368 united the territories of the north and south of the Sauerland.
The ArchbishopArcibiskup [[FrederickBedřich III. vonze Saarwerden|FrederickFriedrich von Saarwerden]] beganzapočal abeznadějné hopelesstažení campaignk totomu, maintainaby Colognianudržel rightskolínská inpráva na [[Marck]], anda inroku 1392 wasbyl forcedpřinucen tose abandonjich themvzdát. HisJehop successornástupce, [[DietrichDětřich II. vonz MoersMoersu|Dietrich II. ofvon Moers]], witnessed the last attempts by Cologne to gain rulership in Westphalia by attempting to break the powerful positions of [[Cleves]] and [[Marck]]. The financial burden placed upon the knights and cities of the Duchy of Westphalia led them into union in 1437. Cologne made peace with Cleves in 1441: this led [[Soest, Germany|Soest]], the richest town of Westphalia, to refuse recognising Colognian supremacy in 1444 in the [[Soest Feud]], that lasted until 1449. Soest had become a part of the [[Duchy of Cleves]]. Thereafter the town of [[Arnsberg]] became the administrative capital of Westphalia. Economically the loss of Soest had weakened the duchy. Especially as the surroundings of the town were very fertile and the grain was needed for the mountainous regions in the South. Peace with Marck was made in 1445 which witnessed territorial concessions from both sides.
[[Image:Arms-Westphalia.png|frame|Arms of Westphalia (adopted in 1532).]]