Safiye Sultan: Porovnání verzí

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The greatest crisis Safiye endured as valide sultan stemmed from her reliance on her ''kira'', Esperanza Malchi. A ''kira'' was a non-Muslim woman (typically Jewish) who acted as an intermediary between a secluded woman of the harem and the outside world, serving as a business agent and secretary. In 1600, the imperial cavalry rose in rebellion at the influence of Malchi and her son, who had amassed over 50&nbsp;million aspers in wealth. Safiye was held responsible for this, along with the debased currency the troops were paid with, and nearly suffered the wrath of the soldiers, who brutally killed Malchi and her son. Mehmed III was forced to say "he would counsel his mother and correct his servants." To prevent the soldiers from suspecting her influence over the Sultan, Safiye persuaded Mehmed to have his decrees written out by the Grand Vizier, instead of personally signing them -->.
== V populární kultuře ==
Postava Safiye Sultan se vyskytuje v tureckém televizním seriálu ''Muhteşem Yüzyıl: Kösem (2015-17)'', kde ji ztvárnila herečka [[Hülya Avşar]].
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