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The iNaturalist platformje iszaložen basedna onsběru dat pomocí [[crowdsourcingCrowdsourcing|crowdsourcingu]] of data. UsersUživatelé ofiNaturalistu iNaturalistmohou canvkládat submitpozorování observationsve offormě organisms in the form of photographsfotografií, sound recordings,zvukových ornahrávek visualči sightingshlášení. Observations are either "casual" or "research" grade, and research grade observations are incorporated into online databases to be utilizable for scientists.<ref name="Bowser et al 2014"/> iNaturalist is the preferred application for crowd-sourced biodiversity data in Mexico.<ref name="Pimm et al 2014">{{cite journal|last1=Pimm|first1=S. L.|last2=Jenkins|first2=C. N.|last3=Abell|first3=R.|last4=Brooks|first4=T. M.|last5=Gittleman|first5=J. L.|last6=Joppa|first6=L. N.|last7=Raven|first7=P. H.|last8=Roberts|first8=C. M.|last9=Sexton|first9=J. O.|title=The biodiversity of species and their rates of extinction, distribution, and protection|journal=Science|date=2014|volume=344|issue=6187|pages=1246752–1246752|doi=10.1126/science.1246752|url=}}</ref>
[[File:Using the iNaturalist app in the field.png|thumb|UsingPoužívání themobilní aplikace iNaturalist app in thev fieldterénu]]
{{As of|2015|01|01}}, the iNaturalist community consisted of more than 70,000 usersuživatelů, kteří příspěli contributingvíce overjak 1,100,000 observationspozorováními<ref name='inatobs'>{{cite web|title=Observations|url=|date=7 November 2014|accessdate=7 November 2014}}</ref> of plants, animals, and other organisms worldwide. Users have created and contributed to over 2000 different projects,<ref name='inatproj'>{{cite web|title=Projects|url=|date=7 August 2013|accessdate=7 August 2013}}</ref> spanning hundreds of themes. A few project examples include [[taxa]]- and location-specific [[bioblitz]]es, [[roadkill]] observations, [[animal tracks]], and documenting the spread of [[invasive species]]. In 2011 iNaturalist was used as a platform to power concurrent Global Amphibian and Global Reptile BioBlitzes, in which observations were used to help monitor the occurrence and distribution of the world's reptiles and amphibian species.<ref name="Holtz 2011">{{cite news|last=Holtz|first=Debra Levi|title=Reptile, amphibian BioBlitzes tap social media|newspaper=San Francisco Chronicle|date=October 10, 2011|url=}}</ref>
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