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'''David William Moyes''' <span class="nowrap"><span class="IPA nopopups">/<span title="'m' in 'my'">m</span><span title="/ɔɪ/ 'oy' in 'boy'">ɔɪ</span><span title="'z' in 'Zion'">z</span>/</span></span><span class="nowrap"></span> (bornnarozen 25. AprilDubna 1963) isje a Scottish professional [[Fotbal|football]]Skotský managermanažer, formerbývalý playerhráč and most recentlya formernedávno managerpropuštěný ofmanažer Spanishšpanělského clubklubu [[Real Sociedad]]. PreviouslyMezi thejeho managerpředešlé manažerské štace patří týmy of [[Preston North End FC|Preston North End]], [[Everton FC|Everton]] and [[Manchester United FC|Manchester United]], Moyes wasbyl thev letech 2003, 2005 anda 2009 Leaguezvolen ManagersManažerem Associationroku ManagerPremier of the YearLeague. He is also on the committee for the League Managers Association in an executive capacity.
Moyes made over 540 league appearances as a [[Obránce (fotbal)|centre-half]] in a playing career that began with [[Celtic FC|Celtic]], where he won a championship medal. He then played for [[Cambridge United FC|Cambridge United]], [[Bristol City FC|Bristol City]], [[Shrewsbury Town FC|Shrewsbury Town]] and [[Dunfermline Athletic FC|Dunfermline Athletic]] before ending his playing career with [[Preston North End FC|Preston North End]]. He became a coach at Preston, working his way up to assistant manager before eventually taking over as manager in 1998, his first managerial position. Moyes led Preston to the Division Two title in 1999-2000 and the Division One play-off final the following season.
Moyes became manager of Everton in March 2002 and under him the club qualified for the third qualifying round for the [[Liga mistrů UEFA|UEFA Champions League]] in 2005 and reached the 2009 FA Cup Final. Upon reaching his 10th anniversary at the club Moyes received praise from many fellow managers including Sir Alex Ferguson, [[Arsène Wenger]] and [[Kenny Dalglish]] for his achievements at Everton.<ref>{{Šablona:Cite web|url = http://www.evertonfc.com/news/archive/2012/03/13/managers-pay-tribute-to-moyes|title = Managers Pay Tribute To Moyes|publisher = evertonfc.com (Everton FC)|date = 13 March 2012|accessdate = 18 March 2012}}</ref> His service to Everton was also praised in [[Parlament Spojeného království|Parliament]] by Steve Rotheram [[Poslanec|MP]].<ref>{{Šablona:Cite web|title = Moyes' Parliamentary Praise|url = http://www.evertonfc.com/news/archive/2012/03/14/moyes-parliamentary-praise|publisher = evertonfc.com (Everton FC)|date = 14 March 2012|accessdate = 18 March 2012}}</ref> He succeeded [[Alex Ferguson|Sir Alex Ferguson]] as manager of Manchester United, but was sacked after 10 months, and subsequently spent 364 days at [[Real Sociedad]] in [[Primera División|La Liga]] until he was sacked.
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