Diskuse s wikipedistou:Sweepy: Porovnání verzí

::::Hi, I found and corrected it. Regards -- [[Wikipedista:Sweepy|Sweepy]] ([[Diskuse s wikipedistou:Sweepy|diskuse]]) 28. 4. 2015, 10:24 (CEST)
::::Hello Sweepy. In my point of view, most of your contributions use false referencing. [http://www.novinky.cz/zahranicni/evropa/150317-video-motiv-krvave-strelby-ve-finsku-nenavist-k-lidstvu.html This article] in Czech neither provide such information as population, density or estimated area of the city, nor refers to something in 2014 as it was published and last checked in September 2008. Maybe it is just the fact, you don't understand the language you are trying to contribute in but please note that your edits in this content do not improve our project at all, in fact I would call them quite dangerous as they lower our level of verifiability and credibility. Please stop contributing in this way unless you are really confident in what you do. Further problems might lead to temporary (or permanent) edit block. Thank you --[[Wikipedista:Mates|Mates]] ([[Diskuse s wikipedistou:Mates|diskuse]]) 28. 4. 2015, 15:07 (CEST)
:::::Hello Mates, I#'m very astonished about your words! Its wondering because most of dates have no references and this was/is o.k.? Ad hoc p.e. [[Paderborn]] and very more. Where do you see references? Why accept you this? Where are your edit blocks? I can tell you hundreds examples of this. As mentioned above, I'm very wondering about your threat...Regards -- [[Wikipedista:Sweepy|Sweepy]] ([[Diskuse s wikipedistou:Sweepy|diskuse]]) 28. 4. 2015, 18:44 (CEST)
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