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Hello, could you tell me wheere have you found all the data for [http://cs.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=N%C3%A1rodn%C3%AD_liga_1939/40&direction=next&oldid=10761946 goals and appearences] for Zidenice players?--[[Speciální:Příspěvky/|]] 4. 12. 2014, 21:07 (CET)
::Hello, those data can be found in the book "100 let fotbalového klubu FC Zbrojovka Brno", which was published in 2013 (to commemorate 100 years of the club SK Židenice / FC Zbrojovka Brno) by František Čapka and Antonín Zabloudil. The book includes 1st division appearances and goals scored by Židenice / Zbrojovka players since 1933/34 and 2nd division apps and goals since 1970/71. [[Speciální:Příspěvky/|]] 5. 12. 2014, 16:21 (CET) Jura
:::Thank you very much!--[[Speciální:Příspěvky/|]] 7. 12. 2014, 13:56 (CET)
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