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Jsem primym potomkem Emanuela Ugge a mam nekolik poznamek. Emanuel Ugge (plnym jmenem Emanuel Alexander Ugge) se narodil r. 1835 v Praze. Dum, ktery rodina vlastnila byl v dnesni Rybne ulici na Starem Meste - c.p. 650. Krome aktivni cinnosti v Sokole byl take spoluzakladatelem Narodniho divadla v Praze a clenem uzkeho kruhu Prazanu kteri zajistili koupi a dovoz slavne velryby pro Narodni muzeum. Hudebni teoretik Emanuel Ugge byl jeho vnuk. Neni mi jasna ta naturalizace v r. 1886. E.U. se narodil v Praze, jeho matka byla Ceska z Pisku, otec Alexander (nar.1790) zil vetsinu zivota v Praze a vlastnil dum c. 650 uz v prve polovine 19. stoleti. Neni to nejaky omyl? Take oznaceni Emanuela jako prazsky mestan se vyskytuje v pisemnych materialech uz pred r. 1886. Spisovatel Ignat Herrmann publikoval v r. 1924 knihu "Pred padesati lety" o Prazacich kolem r. 1875. Jsou tam i 2 stranky o E.U. Jako mestan prazsky je E.U. mimo jine uveden na krestnich listech svych tri synu: Karel (1873), Emanuel (1876) a Alexander (1882). Alexugge (diskuse) 27. 2. 2015, 20:24 (CET)--Alexugge (diskuse) 27. 2. 2015, 20:24 (CET)

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Nasledujici text je prevzat z rodokmenu rodiny "Ugge" (MyHeritage.com): Emanuel Alexander Ugge (b. 15.3.1835 in Prague, Bohemia - d. 16.7.1907 in Prague). He was born in the family house at Prague - Old Town, Celetna 22/563. When the family and business expanded, they moved to Old Town, Rybna 3/650. E.U. later inherited the family property and family business from his father Alexander U. (b. 1790 in Lombardy, Italy; in Prague since 1815; married to Marie von Laretz-b. 1805 in Pisek). The family lived on the top floor of their very large house and the wholesale and retail meat production business was conducted on the ground floor and in the backyard. Like his father, he became the Privileged Citizen (Burgher) of Prague. In the early 1860's, he introduced a new product (based on initial ideas of his father) - cured cooked sausages later called "Talians". They became very popular and as in 2017 they are still produced in Prague and other Czech cities. The Czech novelist Ignat Herrmann wrote in 1922 a book about the personalities and life in Prague around 1870 ("Pred padesati lety", published by Topic). In Chapter 27, he devoted several pages to Emanuel Ugge. Between about 1870 and the end of the 19th century, a crate with fresh "Ugge"-talians was sent once a week by train to Vienna. E.U. was also an innovator in the field of meat curing methods. Today's leading curing salts officially known as Prague powder #1 and #2 are based on his pioneering work. E.U. was a Czech patriot, a devoted supporter of the Czech National Revival movement. He and his father were active supporters and contributors to the effort of building the National Theatre in Prague - the embodiment of the will of the Czech Nation for a national identity and independence. E.U. was one of the first members and organizers of the Sokol (= Falcon) movement - a national sports organization founded in 1862 by Miroslav Tyrs and Jindrich Fugner (a close friend of Emanuel U.). The Sokol played an important role in the development of Czech nationalism. E.U. was also participating in the acqisition a whale skeleton for the National Museum in Prague - a huge undertaking at that time. He was a member of the "Jour fixe" private group of personalities led by Vojta Naprstek (a philantropist, patriot, politician and journalist). They learned in 1886 about a possibility to buy a whale skeleton from Norway, they contributed all finances needed and two years later "The Whale Exposition" was opened in Prague. The "Whale" is now one of the most popular and biggest items in the Museum. E.U. was an active member and organizer of the "Mestanska beseda" social club ( to educate and enable people to participate in social, cultural and political life). E.U. was married to Anna Kratochwil. They had three sons: Karel (b.1873), Emanuel (b.1876) and Alexander (b.1882). Karel's son Emanuel Ugge (1900-1970) was an internationally known music expert and journalist specialized in jazz. The list of sources is available per request. 12. 6. 2017, 19:56 (CEST) Alexugge (diskuse) 8. 6. 2017, 20:50 (CEST) Alexugge (diskuse) 7. 6. 2017, 20:57 (CEST) Additional Source: The article "Tri Lexove..." about the Ugge family was published in the Czech magazine "Rybarstvi" (=Fishing) in #5&6/2019 (6 pages).

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